'Fracks' In the Next Financial Bubble?

To listen to the US Energy Department's Energy Information Agency, as well as the American oil and gas industry, the nation is not only in the middle of a boom in fossil fuel production, but one that is likely to last for decades to come. However, a group of academics centered around the University of Texas at Austin have started to question all the rosy forecasts about 100 years of natural gas supplies.


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FIA Formula E - Round Three

Third round of 2014 FIA Formula E electric car race in Punte del Este, Uruguay



Top 20 Newswire Articles of the Week

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VW Group Evaluating Developing Electric Hybrid Lamborghini Asterion
With an estimated price of £350K, Lamborghini reportedly aiming for 50 kilometre all-electric range and sub 3-second 0-60 mph acceleration.

Audi Q7 to Get Diesel Electric Hybrid SUV Option in 2015
Audi Q7 E-tron Quattro will likely be priced comparable to similar diesel plug-in from Volvo at around $70K

Fuel Cells V. Electric Cars: Both Are Winners
Senior engineer with the Clean Vehicles Program David Reichmuth sees benefits in both technologies, especially when they are combined in vehicles like the Audi A7 h-tron quattro prototype.

Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Car Goes on Sale in Japan
Of the 700 hydrogen-fueled cars that will be built in the first year, most will go to governments and companies.

The Sad State of the EV World in India
In the last 15 months, Mahindra Reva has managed to sell only 1000 e2o electric cars; reasons are attributed to price tag, design, and slow government action.

BYD Shares Nosedive 47 Percent
Third quarter drop in share price and speculation that Berkshire Hathaway is considering selling off its shares seen as possible plunge in share prices.

Kandi Sells 1,000 Vehicles for Electric Carshare Program
The car-share program began last year in Hangzhou and has since been used in other Chinese cities including most recently in Chengdu.

Aussie Solar Electric Car Reaches Crowd-Funding Goal
Launched on December 1, 2015, Pozible's crowd-funding campaign reaches its $30K goal in just ten days, with the funds to be used to make the solar-powered car street legal in Australia.

Stunning New Electric Car Debuts in Montreal
Montrealer Mike Kakogiannakis of Dubuc Motors SLC is looking for investors to help develop the Tomahawk electric sports car, as well as a taxi based on the platform.

The Future Role of Supercapacitors in Electric Cars
Australian and US researchers team up to develop light-weight supercapacitors that when combined with normal batteries can improve the performance of electric cars.

Nissan V2H Can Keep Your Beer Cold
Nissan LEAFs ability to share its battery power with the local grid via its Leaf-to-home system can keep the lights on and the beer cold should the grid go down...temporarily.

In Bid To Spur Electric Hybrid Sales, China to Invest 1 Billion Yuan Into Charging Networks
Lack of personal garages or places to charge an electric car is seen as major impediment to public adoption of plug-in vehicles.


Will Cheap Gas Kill the Electric Car?
For a host of very good reasons, Green Car Reports' John Voelcker is skeptical that 'plug-in electric car sales will fall just because gas prices have gotten a lot lower.'

BMW Plans Carshare in London
Besides some 300 vehicles, DriveNow's London fleet will include 30 i3 electric cars starting in the Spring of 2015.

Nissan LEAF Owners Never Want to Go Back to Their ICE-age Autos
One LEAF owner in the UK traded in his Aston Martin for two of the electric cars, one for him, one for his wife, who he wouldn't have to argue who got to drive it.


GE, ConEd, Columbia U Team Up to Cut Electric Car Charging Costs
Collaborators are looking at ways to use smart charging to reduce the costs to EV drivers and building owners.

Greenest Cars Are Electric Running on Renewables, Study Finds
The takeaway from latest University of Minnesota study on automotive emissions is clear: Invest heavily in clean energy and use electric vehicles.

Top Ten Production Electric Cars in Driving Range
Pablo Erbar lists the ten electric cars based on their EPA-designated driving range starting with the shortest, the Smart EV and culminating with the Telsa Model S P85.

A Few Antique EV Suggestions to Replace Central Park's Horses
Wired Online comes up with a number of suggestions for antique electric cars that might make suitable replacements for the much-embattled carriages in New York's Central Park.

Where Electric Cars Roam in America... And Why
Of the top five states for electric car sales, all have 'lucrative' rebates and other incentives, while the bottom five have no incentives in place.

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