Ladies, Gentlemen, Start Your e-Revolution!

On Saturday, September 13th, 2014, a revolution begins, one that its plotters hope will eventually transform not only the world of motor racing, but the larger EV world of transportation. In a series of ten races in ten global megacities, a stellar team of twenty top drivers, including two women, will inaugurate the age of FIA-sanctioned electric road racing. Here's what to expect.


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Inaugural Formula E Race Ends In Spectacular Crash

On the last lap, in the final turn, the two lead cars collide driven by Nicolas Prost and Nick Heidfeld, sending one spiraling through the air during inaugural running of the FIA Formula E race series.



Top 20 Newswire Articles of Previous Week

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Nissan First Japanese Carmaker to Sell Electric Cars in China
Venucia e30 is five-seat electric car co-developed with Dongfeng Motor Co.


California Crosses 100K Electric Car Threshold
With more than 100,000 plug-in electric car, including electric hybrids like the Chevrolet Volt, EVs still represent less than 1 percent of the state's 23 million cars.

Plug-In Mercedes to Sell for £87,965 in UK
In EV-mode, the new Mercedes-Benz S500 plug-in hybrid is claimed to possess a zero-emissions range up to 20.5 miles.

Mouser Electronics Signs on As Sponsor for China's Formula-E Racing Team
Team China Racing is the first national racing team authorized by the Ministry of Sports of China and Mouser Electronics is a leading global distributor of semiconductors and electronic components.

Why I Dumped My Chevy Camaro for A Smart Electric Car
With his monthly gasoline bill running $550, Steven Grinwis decided it was time to look for an alternative: a smartED electric car that now runs him about $20 a month i electricity.


How Maryland Is Disincentivising Electric Car Ownership
University of Maryland's new parking policy, cutting parking fee discounts to the same level of hybrids runs counterproductive to the state's goal of cutting CO2 emissions, argues Steven Hutcheson, a cell biology and molecular genetics professor.

UC Riverside Researchers Develop Navigation Tool that Can Help Cut Electric Car Energy Use By Up to 51%
Eco-Routing navigation system found that the greatest energy savings came when researchers drove the Least Driving Time route, compared to Shortest Driving Distance and the Least Energy routes.

UC Davis Partners with China ATRC to Develop Gov't Electric Car Policy
Newly established China-U.S. zero emission vehicle policy lab will suggest regulations and incentives to help spur the spread of electric vehicles both in California and China.

If Tesla Can Power It Gigafactory on Renewables, Why Can't Others?
Tesla expects to provide nearly 100% of its energy for its Nevada 'Gigafactory' from solar, wind and geothermal sources.

Bill Ford Comes Out In Support of Carshare, Sees Need to Cleaner Grid
Sebastian Blanco reports on Bill Ford, Jr's address to the 21st World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems, touching on inter-vehicle communication, carsharing, and the cleaner power grid.

Do the Math Before You Buy That Next Car
Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield argues that deciding which electric car to buy isn't just about range per charge, there are other factors to take into consideration.


Electric Car Battery Capacity About to Exceed All Hybrids
John Voelcker and the gang over at Green Car Reports look at the sales of electric cars and hybrids, and finds that the battery capacity demands is about to outstrip all hybrids built in the last 17 years.

LEAF, Volt Enjoy Increased Sales in August 2014
Nissan LEAF logs best sales month yet, selling a record 3,186 electric cars, while GM's Chevrolet Volt recorded 2,511 unit sales, it's best month since August 2013.

Have Electric Car, Hybrids Sales Plateaued? analyst Jessica Caldwell finds the sale of electric, plugin, and hybrids as a group flattening half way through 2014.

Why Sales of Plug-In, Hybrid Cars Have Stalled
Despite record sales of Nissan's LEAF and Chevy's Volt in August, the industry may not be as healthy as sales numbers suggest, writes Brad Tuttle, mirroring other reports on's sales analysis year-to-date.

Electric Cars Irrelevant in the Future?
Bret Kenwell looks at several predictions about the potential size of the electric car market from MIT to Bob Lutz

Plug-In Car Sales Doing Just Fine, Thank You
A slight dip in sales of hybrids has the media chattering about stalled electric car sales, but the facts suggest otherwise, reports Jim Motavalli.

Reporter Meets smartED Electric Car
Gainesville Sun editor Nathan Crabbe gets his first exposure to an electric car in the tiny little smartED.

GM to Introduce Hands-Free Driving In 2017
In addition to allowing drivers to enjoy hands-free driving at highway speeds, GM's Cadillac division will also introduce vehicle-to-vehicle communications to reduce accidents and traffic congestion.

Zero Electric Motorcycle Wins Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge
Riding a modified 2012 Zero S electric motorcycle with an aerodynamic fairing, Terry Hershner achieved the equivalence of 1.3 cents per mile, 25% better than nearest gasoline competitor.

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